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Jibe Longboards – Saving the Environment One Longboard at a Time

Background I recently got the chance to interview Alexander Bengtsen, the founder of Jibe Longboards, which is a longboarding company based in Denmark. I stumbled upon Jibe Longboards’ website awhile back and spent some time to learn more about them, as well as the longboards they offer. What really stood out for me when learning about the brand was the fact that they extremely are environmentally friendly. The foundation of the business was built upon one simple premise: We believe...
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Non Universal Nuts – Innovative Accessories

When I first learnt about the products that Non Universal Nuts (or NUN for short) has to offer, I immediately knew that I had to feature them on Longboard Hub. RADnuts and ADcaps are two products that are offered by NUN and are designed by the main person behind NUN, Philippe. Similar to most of you who are passionate about skateboards and longboards, Philippe was extremely passionate about action sports. I quickly read more about NUN and contacted the people behind...
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